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Friday, August 5, 2011

Accessory to The Crime?

Accessory to The Crime? Accessory to Design.
When I first decided to take the leap of faith to design my own position in the world, of course a name would be critically important. It would have to do a lot of things.

We all know AAAAAcompany!
Being at the top of the alphabet is something we have all recognized the value in. It's not everything, but it matters.

I worked for days, weeks, on this. What I ultimately desired was that it would convey my mission statement within its words. So all word-smithing lead from there.

I knew that the word Design was vague. I knew that I wanted to help design. Design was a critical element in the portrayal. I didn't want to convey that I would take over my clients own desires or personality (as many people seeking help are fearful will happen). I wanted to assist in bringing out who they were. Be a helper. 

As I investigated words, somehow, (can't quite recall how it came to me then, it was so long ago), Accessory to Design hit me right. When I fully defined the words, ultimately they meant...Accessory (helper) Design (to create and bring into being)
Accessory to Design " to create and bring into being"

That would be it.

All these years later, when people recite it back to me it invariably is said, "Accessories". For some reason, no one can think of that word in the context of helper. It always seems to mean earrings, jewelry, belts, stuff!

That is partly true of the direction I have taken. For the most part, I seem to work with people on fine-tuning all the elements of their project, the final touches, the window dressings, and yes, the accessories.

Design is vague. Being a "Designer" is vague. The truth is though, that what I do is " to create and bring into being". Therefore it will follow that I am an Accessory to Design. Not an accessory designer!

I doubly liked the flow because I immediately thought that the well established phrase accessory to the crime would naturally help people remember and associate words. Even if it could be a negative reference. Crime! Yikes. But it can be fun too. The crime of the many mistakes you might make if you forget that good help is valuable. That paying someone with years and years of experience and expertise can result in lots of dollars saved (not wasted) and more satisfaction with the results.

Planning interior spaces and marching through all the processes of attending to the results can be greatly enhanced by having a professional partner, an Accessory to The Crime Design!

It always helps to have a partner. Accessory to Design - Interiors - is here to lend a helping hand.
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